The Munchie Box

Welcome to a culinary experience you’ve never witnessed before!

The Munchie Box is a Sushi & Snack restaurant located in El Paso, Texas, bringing people a phenomenal new eating concept that suits every craving perfectly.

Created by Alonso Nunez and Mario Ortega, two Itamaes in love with the art of sushi, who in 2020 saw the need to deliver high quality, original delights that the El Paso community could enjoy in the comfort of their home, and that would suit every palate and desire. Combining their passion for American food, snacks, and incredible sushi, Alonso and Mario created the perfect Munchie Box: a marriage between midnight snacks, chicken wings, and the freshest and most delicious sushi in town.

The Munchie box provides a unique experience of 2 or 3 types of food in one incredible box, with one-of-a-kind ingredients melding into an incredible burst of flavor and goodness. And, of course, our sushi takes a very important place in our hearts. And FYI— If you haven’t tried The Munchie Box Sushi, you’ve missed the best sushi in town. But don’t worry; there is always time to make amends with yourself and order the most delicious sushi boxes you’ve ever tasted. Just call The Munchie Box, and Mario & Alonso will get your order done immediately!
Choose from amazing sushi rolls like our one-of-a-kind Coconut Shrimp Roll, Caterpillar Roll, and Sashimis; blow your mind with our special Fried Rice order, and enjoy an incredible evening with friends and family snacking on the best French fries, Onion Rings, Fresh Veggies and Munchie Box signature Boneless BBQ, Buffalo, and Mango Habanero Chicken wings, nicely coated with good flavors and extra crunch.
Find us at 5360 N Mesa ste D4, El Paso! We are in the corner of S Mesa Hills Dr and N Festival Dr, between Mesa Hills, Festival Hills, and Lomas del Rey. We are also close to beautiful city parks like Buena Vista Park, Crestmont Park, and Promontory Area Park. So, if you’re close to Westside Natatorium, Dr. Green Elementary School, McKelligon Canyon, or Alamo Drafthouse Cinema Montecillo, just pass by; we’ll be ready to please your palate.

Satisfy your cravings TODAY and try our Munchie Box; we have something for everybody and different combinations and sizes available for your wishes!

The Munchie Box is the ultimate meal to enjoy with family and friends, at game nights, parties, movie nights, and really, anywhere you like!

Pick up or order straight to your house from our website or by calling 915-271-8880; we’ve got your cravings covered.